DHS Comix

Dhark's Hero School

A weird old set of buildings and for some reason a forest on top of a hill. A school for heroes, in case you want a career fighting monsters and bandits and monster bandits and generally putting your life on the line for not much pay. People like that.

fig 1. monster bandits

They're currently opening for new students.

You are interested

You're from Mylenor

A small farming village not too far down the hill from DHS.

It's very boring.

People in the village say DHS is bad, mad, and probably cursed. There are many rumours of it being a haven for criminals, an illegal cult of followers of the god of lies... generally things that make it sound infinitely more interesting than Mylenor.

Plus you heard they had a war against the king? That's pretty wild.

You think you've vaguely heard good rumours too. The legendary hero shadowslayer was from there, and maybe an avatar of the god of fire? Sounds more made up than the cult stuff to be honest.

Anyway. Where were you?

Ah. Dhark's Hero School.

A cranky blue scaler greets you.

Who are you, what are you, and what are you doing here?


Who? well gimme a name! What? hey here's a nonexhaustive list of laragan species, crossbreeds also welcome. and... feel like mentioning any gods you follow? feel free to name by aspect eg. fire, art, lies. What x2?? ...to become a hero, right??