DHS Comix

What to do...

Okay. Look. Your day has derailed enough and it’s only just begun. Do you think anything remotely good will happen if you shirk off your orientation? C’mon. Rest assured though, only NORMAL things will happen if you go on this orientation. You tell yourself that it will be normal and fine if you go on this orientation. You ask Adriana, your school assigned bestie, if she plans on coming as well.

Adriana looks at you strangely. "I have already done enough today," she says. You can't help but agree. "I plan to go back to the dorm and have a cup of tea and a lie down. You should bring the tea."

You realise that you threw all of your tea at the spider monsters. "I umm... don't have any left."

Adriana snorts. "You should go get more."

Well, that's fair. You probably should restock your inventory, it's always good to be prepared. Adriana saunters off, and you decide it would be a bad idea to follow without tea.

Well... you could probably learn about some of the classes while you scope out where to steal tea from. Monster class sounds interesting... It would be nice to know what to do if a fey threw you magically into a group of spider monsters again.

You ask one of the nearby dryads for directions to learn about this monster class, and she gives you some vague directions that you hope you can follow...

What now?