DHS Comix

You take a deep breath

"My name is G-Gena Holve, and I'm-"

The annoyed scaler looks slightly more annoyed. "Yeah yeah, to become a hero or whatever I get it"

That wasn't going to be the whole of your answer, but ah, whatever, close enough.

"Look, get out of the way already, there's tons more people for me to go through."

You look behind you and see... yeah, there's a fair queue behind you. When did that happen??

"Look," the scaler continues, somehow yet more annoyed, "you can go straight to the hall over my right and wait for induction. Or if you've got stuff to drop off..." she looks over you quickly. You're not carrying anything much, but hey who knows what random stuff you have magically stored in inventory. She shrugs. "You can head over to the student dorms 'round back, get a room early and get that sorted before induction."

You could probably just wander around until induction too... or do anything else. You don't think this scaler could be bothered to stop you.

"Just get out of the way already. Next!!"