DHS Comix

It's OK that you don't know what's going on...

Somebody here's gotta know, and finding out from them can't possibly be harder than surviving giant spider monsters.. .. ... ....right??

You step outside, following the crowd of other students. Silas seemed approachable, you try to find her (and try to avoid Chaos).

You're not totally sure where she's gone, and you blindly stumble forward towards a nearby group. You're looking around, maybe should be paying more attention to where you're going...

"I... said... watch it!" the short human snaps again. "Stop running into me! What is your problem?"

"I... umm... s-sorry!" You really aren't sure how you keep running into her. "I um... don't know where to go. I missed the assembly."

The human snorts at you, seeming amused. "Geez. I should've missed the assembly. Alright." She looks you up and down. "Unicorn lady said real classes start tomorrow. But we can go see the teachers and find out about how they'll go if we want."

Another white-haired human shows up and cuts in. "Pfft total waste of time," she laughs. "You'll find out tomorrow and every day until you graduate anyway so whatever. C'mon, Ori."

They both leave without even saying goodbye. "Wait! What are the classes?" you yell after them.

Adriana sidles up beside you. "Monsters, magic, fighting, maths, history, lingo," she declares. Wait, when did she even find that out??

You could find out about a class, meet more people, or just take terrible advice from white-haired humans and skip the whole shebang.

What now?