DHS Comix

...you hear a rustling in the nearby trees...

You feel that there may be something more urgent than castigating Chaos (though... you could keep doing that).

"Uh... did you guys hear that?"

Adriana scoffs derisively. You guess that's an answer. Puyon shrugs and the blue scaler continues to be consciously unhelpful. Well, you figure you've got bigger ears than most of them.... But what about Chaos?

Chaos twitches her ears. "Might be the wind, it's not very loud."

You're quite sure it's not just the wind. "I-it might be a monster, we should be ready to defend ourselves."

The lacklustre response from peopele who are from a hero school is a little surprising. "Well um... we don't have much idea of where we are or anything. The least we could do is go check this out all together."

The others shrug and decide to go along with your plan. Which is good, because like... c'mon guys. You're all in this together... right? Best to be on the front foot in case there really are-


What now?