DHS Comix


Right?? Those are monsters...? Or, are they just like... blue spidertaurs? Can 'taurs be arachnids...?

Oh, no, definitely monsters. 'Taurs do not have multiple heads, nor that many eyes!

The angry blue scaler looks at them as though she doesn't care, still. Still?? C'mon. Adriana looks interested, Chaos looks very excited, and Puyon-

"Why did it have to be spiiiiiderrrrssssss....."

Well, if they are monsters, they could be dangerous. You stand in front of the group and spread your wings out to try to defend everyone. The spiders come closer, they are making a chittering noise.

Chaos pops out from behind you. "Hey are you guys really monsters??"

The spiders halt, a little confused. They wave their spidery legs and their... humany arms. Their spider fangs are very sharp and very close. They don't seem happy. This seems dangerous and you do not like it!! Maybe you could calm them down... or fly away... or convince Chaos to teleport you already!!

What now?