DHS Comix

Alright, alright calm down, you can fix this....


"H-hey Chaos... can you use your magic to bring us back yet?" you ask.

"Nnnnot yet!" Chaos looks somehow not that worried.

"....do you have enough power to just send the rest of us back? You can stay here until you have the energy to come back too. It's.... sort of your fault anyway."

Chaos puffs up, annoyed. "Umm it's your fault, though??" She makes a huffing noise. "But anyway I don't have the energy for that, either."

Well... it might have been a mean move, but it was worth a try...

Puyon turns to the blue scaler who has yet refused to give her name. "Mrs Piperion, you're the magic teacher. Why don't you use some magic?"

The person you suppose is Mrs Piperion somehow looks even grumpier than she did up to this point. "Why don't you use some magic?" she grumbles.

The monsters have gotten even closer while you've gotten nothing done. Now that they're so close... they look even less friendly! They're nearly close enough to grab you-!

What now?