DHS Comix

You're panicking, but try to focus. Stay calm. You can do this.

Tune everything else out... and just think...

You remember DHS from the angle you’ve seen it nearly every day of your life. A bit in the distance from your home in Mylenor, you’ve always seen the once quiet walls of DHS. You remember seeing it from above in the sky when you’d go out for a fly to stretch your wings. Some times, you’d soar above the abandoned school and see all its buildings and wilderness from high in the sky. It’s an mental image the sticks with you strongly...

...an aerial view of Dhark’s Hero School

You feel the wind change. You open your eyes slowly... Yes! The sky is the right colour!

But... the wind if whooshing by awfully fast. And you hear a yell. Two yells. Oh...

...an aerial view of Dhark’s Hero School

You quickly open your wings, slowing your descent as you watch the two humans falling and yelling. Chaos seems especially pleased with herself and is effortlessly carvoting in the sky in the way only a fey could. The magic teacher, a fellow scaler, looks annoyed. As usual. Muttering under her breath, the blue scaler deftly grabs the humans out the sky and flies them safely to the ground. You join them quickly.

"Great!" she grouches, looking at how far you all are from DHS. "Now we're all going to be late for induction and I'm going to get the blame even though it is every one of your fault."

You silently disagree with her assessment. Puyon coughs. "Well, I'm not late, and I'm glad I'm alive." Somehow, Mrs Piperion's face sours even further.

You all trudge off back up the path to school. You wonder what awaits you next. Hopefully something with less spiders.


Time to meet some more students at induction! I wonder who they will be?? Well! Here's that nonexhaustive list of laragan species again... and perhaps I may be reminded of already submitted characters~