DHS Comix

"Move it!!"

Alright she really wants you to get out of the way, and fast. You figure the quickest way out is up.

Or... maybe you just feel safe when flying. But in your defence, taking to the sky was a pretty quick exit.

You decide to head "round back" to wherever the dorms are to get yourself settled, give yourself a base of operations. Some sort of steady footing in this new place.

Minor problem, the directions that cranky scaler gave you were literally just "round back", and uh... there's quite a number of buildings that fit that description.

You see that there's only really a few buildings with people outside; one is clearly the hall, and the other is... two buildings. Maybe the dorms?? They're not exactly what you would call "round back", but who are you to argue?

You drop down and land near a group of people. A human approaches you, who appears to have the exact same "don't really wanna be here" attitude as the scaler at the front. And... he's wearing... is that a Gardenian royal guard uniform?? He's one of your country's most elite guardsman??

That's weird. This place is weird.

The human sighs and starts talking to you. "New student? Pick a dorm. They're pretty much the same. Except one of them's where we keep light powers and one of them's where we keep dark powers. So if you've got a preference based on that," he shrugs "just pick one and go in to be assigned a room."

Uh... wait what??

Light powers and dark powers... people who dedicate their lives to the sun god or moon god for ridiculously overpowered magic... aaaaand also use that magic to kill the opposite kind of power. Seems like a bad idea to have both in one place??

Two buildings next to each other really doesn't count as separate places when it's... that.

"Which dorm?" asks the human, again.