DHS Comix

"You my roomie, huh?"

She seems... weirdly intimidating. Cute but intimidating.

Yes well, you are roomies, right? So you think it's probably best to make sure you get off on the right foot. And you know the best way to make a good impression... is a good cup of tea! And maybe good snacks.

Of course, most people can store items magically using the magic of the god of travel. You're no different. Others may be able to store more items, or less, you feel solidly average in that regard. However...

You're capable of using a very rare kind of magic. The magic of the goddess of time! So while other people's snacks might get stale while they're magically stored, yours stay as fresh as the day they were made. And for some reason you've long decided the best use of this magic is to always have a piping hot pot of tea ready at all times.

"H-hi, I'm Gena, I guess we're roomies!" You offer her a cup of tea. The human smiles broadly.

"Ohohoho, serving me right off the bat? I like that attitude. It's going to be nice having someone like you around. I'm Adriana!"

"I don’t blame you for sucking up. After all, I'd want to get on my good side too, if I were you. Who wouldn’t want this prodigious ice mage as an ally, after all?"

She takes your carefully prepared cup of hot tea and dumps a load of ice into it, before taking a pleased sip.

You suppose that went well... so will you hang around a while, explore the dorms more, go back to the hall, or something else?