DHS Comix

Adriana takes a big sip from her mug of now-frozen tea and looks very pleased with herself

"U-um... are you planning on going to the hall?" you ask her. "I think th-that's where we're supposed to go for the welcoming ceremony..."

You figure it might be important to hear whatever the head of the school and the rest of the staff has to say. Maybe something important?? But you're not sure if it's time to head over there yet anyway. And besides... maybe Adriana will... uh... maybe you'll get to meet someone with a more down to earth demeanour.

Adriana looks at you. "Yeah I'll go there. Sometime," she replies, dismissively. "Right now I've got tea to drink, so toodles." She waves you off.

You find yourself outside again. Well... that was ... fun? Ugh. You forgot that going to a school full of people means that you have to deal with people.

You suppose you'd better meander over to the hall, but-

A fey of some description is low-key freaking out. A rabbit? Fox? Halfie taur. Another strange halfie (cat? ..mer?) is standing nearby too.

"Ah! Which way is the hall?? I already forgot!!"

Suppose you could help her... if you remember...