DHS Comix

"Which was is the hall???"

The rabbity fox is getting more distressed. You decide to step in to help.

"It- it's ok! I remember which way it is," you tell her soothingly. She perks up immediately.

She grabs your hand. "Thank you thank you thank you! Just tell me where it is and I'll teleport us there right now!! We won't be late!!"

"T-teleport??" First of all, that sounds amazing. Second of all, that sounds terrifying. "Y-you don't need to it's right over-"

She doesn't seem to be listening to you. Your head starts swimming as reality fades around you.

"Just tell me where we're going!" she says cheerfully.

You're dizzy and can't remember. Trees? Grass? Flying... You can't remember very much all of a sudden. You try to remember something, at least. You saw a lot of people today. Do any of them come to mind?

....you feel like you should've called a teacher instead.

Does anybody come to mind?

Feel free to suggest people who weren't pictured, there was a lot of milling around...